Tools to serve pizza

Essential pizza tools to serve, cut, display and keep pizza warm. From the wooden pizza serving boards to the stainless steel pizza trays passing through warming plates.

On sale

Stainless steel pizza tray with raised handle


Pizza tray with raised plastic handle and 8 cutting guides for portions. Diameters available cm 45 and 50. MADE IN ITALY.

45,31 €   47,69 € VAT included
37,14 €   39,09 € Without VAT

On sale

Aluminium pizza tray with rim and feet


Pizza tray diameter cm 45 with 5 PP feet by Lilly Codroipo. MADE IN ITALY.

44,63 €   46,97 € VAT included
36,58 €   38,50 € Without VAT

Wooden pizza serving board

Cutting board made of fir wood for serving pizza. Diameters available cm 30, 35, 40 and 45. MADE IN ITALY.

16,17 € VAT included
13,25 € Without VAT

Pincers for warming pizza plate hot disc

Zio Pepe

Stainless steel pincers to move the hot disc of the warming pizza plate "Girasole" by Zio Pepe. Gripper with insulation spring and non-slip grip.

21,47 € VAT included
17,60 € Without VAT

Warming plate for pizza stainless steel

Zio Pepe

Warming plate for pizza "Girasole" diameter cm 50 by Zio Pepe. MADE IN ITALY.

170,80 € VAT included
140,00 € Without VAT