Scrapers and cleansing brushes


Scrapers and cleansing brushes

Plastic or stainless steel scrapers, available in various models depending on the need. Real horsehair cleaning brush to keep clean the workbench.


Dough scraper

Plastic dough cutter made of plastic for food cm 21,5x13.

2,39 € VAT included
1,96 € Without VAT

Toothed cake scraper

Toothed decorating cake scraper made of plastic for food.

0,61 € VAT included
0,50 € Without VAT

Dough scraper with plastic handle

Stainless steel dough cutter with plastic handle, dimensions cm 13x10.

4,64 € VAT included
3,80 € Without VAT


Dough scraper


Dough cutter, entirely in polymer highly resistant to heat, dimensions cm 13,5x14,5.

6,34 € VAT included
5,20 € Without VAT

Bench brush with handle

Brush to clean bench, lenght cm 43, with wooden handle. Made of genuine horsehair.

9,76 € VAT included
8,00 € Without VAT

Dough scrapers

Plastic scrapes, soft or rigid, various sizes available.

0,61 € VAT included
0,50 € Without VAT

Cake scrapers for decoration

Pack of 3 stainless steel cake scrapers for decoration.

10,37 € VAT included
8,50 € Without VAT

Stainless steel dough scraper

Dough cutter with handle in stainless steel, various sizes available.

6,10 € VAT included
5,00 € Without VAT