Rack for pizza peels

Wall or floor supports, in wood or stainless steel, from three to six places. Essential tools to work at best in pizzerias.


Stainless steel rack for pizza peels


Wall rack made of stainless steel to hang from 3 to 6 utensils by Lilly Codroipo. MADE IN ITALY.

24,40 € VAT included
20,00 € Without VAT

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Desk pizza tools rack


Desk pizza tools rack with 5 hooks in stainless steel. Dimensions cm 38x15x30 (h.).

47,80 €   53,11 € VAT included
39,18 €   43,53 € Without VAT

Stainless steel pizza peels wall holder


Pizza peels wall holder, stainless steel and wood by Lilly Codroipo. Diameter cm 10. MADE IN ITALY.

21,78 € VAT included
17,85 € Without VAT

Stainless steel rack with hooks


Wall rack in stainless steel with 5 hooks to hang tools by Lilly Codroipo. MADE IN ITALY.

31,37 € VAT included
25,71 € Without VAT

Wood wall rack for pizza peels


Universal wood wall rack for pizza peels, 3 places, by Lilly Codroipo. Size cm 12x47x11. MADE IN ITALY.

34,86 € VAT included
28,57 € Without VAT

Wooden pizza peel stand


Wooden pizza peel stand by Lilly Codroipo. Size cm 39x16x18(h.). MADE IN ITALY.

43,57 € VAT included
35,71 € Without VAT