Hand blender SERIE GIO' HEAVY PRO 650 Watt


Hand blender SERIE GIO' HEAVY PRO 650 Watt


Professional hand blender GIO' HEAVY PRO 650 Watt, models available with fixed or variable speed, blender tube and homogenizer 30, 40, 50 or 60 cm long and with whisk.

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Speed control

Blender tube length cm

Homogenizer length cm

Whisk accessory

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SERIE GIO' HEAVY PRO 650 Watt professional stick blender ideal for the maximum processing of 330 liters of product with blender tube 60 cm long. Sturdy machine with ergonomic handle, plastic structure and metal motor body. Immersion blender equipped with made in Italy high performing ventilated motorsthermal overload protection and digital display.

Make the blender according to your needs:

SPEED: you can choose between fixed or variable speed controls. Variable speed version is equipped with the SRS (self-regulating-speed) technology, an electronic speed and power stabilization system to improve the performance of the blender, moreover this version has a digital 9 speed regulator. 

BLENDER TUBE: blender tubes are available in four different lenghts according to the quantity of product you need to process. 

30 cm blender tube: 80 liters 

40 cm blender tube: 120 liters

50 cm blender tube: 230 liters

60 cm blender tube: 330 liters

Blender tube, bell and knife (replaceable) made of stainless steel. Screw insert in high resistance polymer.

HOMOGENIZER: essential to finish and to make in the best way possible (first on the market able to reduce up to 2 microns to have a product with a much more silky texture and to amplify the flavor of the ingredients used) minestrone soup, pureed soup, purée etc ... or in ice cream/pastry shop to obtain icings, mirror icings, ganaches, creams and mixtures. Tool length available 30, 40, 50 or 60 cm, with tube and blades in stainless steel. Screw insert in high resistance polymer.

WHISK: you can also add the whisk to your stick blender only in the variable speed version. This type of whisk has the body in high resistance polymer and stainless steel whips. 


Power:                  650 Watt

Power supply:     Single-phase 230 Volt

Speed:                  Fixed:      13000 rpm

                              Variable:  from 2000 to 13000 rpm 

Dimensions:         Motor:                  ø13x40(h.) cm

                               Blender tube 30:  ø9,5x33 cm

                               Blender tube 40:  ø9,5x43 cm

                               Blender tube 50:  ø9,5x53 cm

                               Blender tube 60:  ø9,5x63 cm

                              Whisk:                   12x36(h.) cm 

Weight:                 minimum 4,8 Kg (fixed speed motor and 30 cm blender tube) maximum 6,4 Kg (variable                                                                     speed motor and 60 cm blender tube)         

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