Pizza sauce spoons

Ladles spoons to distribute tomato sauce on pizza in predefined and homogeneous quantities, various models available to meet the different needs of our customers.

On sale

Pizza sauce spoon with polypropylene handle


Pizza sauce spoon made of stainless steel with polypropylene handle by Lilly Codroipo. MADE IN ITALY.

20,73 €   23,03 € VAT included
16,99 €   18,88 € Without VAT

Stainless steel pizza sauce spoon


Spoon for pizza sauce made of stainless steel. Lenght available cm 28 and 38. MADE IN ITALY.

13,93 € VAT included
11,42 € Without VAT

On sale

Lilly pizza measuring spoon


Stainless steel metering ladle for pizza with polypropylene handle available in 90 and 220 gr.

19,13 €   21,25 € VAT included
15,68 €   17,42 € Without VAT