Non-stick baking paper and sheets



Baking paper sheets cm. 60x40

Silicone double-sided baking paper Premium sheets, size cm. 60x40. Weight 41 gr/mq, reusable up to 3 times per side. Packs of 100 sheets.

7,32 € VAT included
6,00 € Without VAT

Baking paper roll

Silicone double-sided baking paper roll weight 44gr/mq. Reusable on both sides. Roll length 200 meters.

25,90 € VAT included
21,23 € Without VAT

Cooking paper teflon-coated

Cooking paper PTFE (teflon)-coated.

7,73 € VAT included
6,34 € Without VAT

Non-stick cooking sheet teflon-coated

Teflon coated non-stick sheet size cm. 60x40 and 60x80 for cooking and freezing all doughs which require the non-stick.

16,47 € VAT included
13,50 € Without VAT