Decorating tools and cakes columns



Food brushes for decorating

Set of three food brushes to decorate your creations.

8,52 € VAT included
6,98 € Without VAT

Stainless steel ball tool set

Complete set of ball tool made of stainless steel for modeling and get thiner petals and leaves.

14,90 € VAT included
12,21 € Without VAT

Orange cake pillars

Orange cake pillars essential to support dummies or discs of your cakes.

12,94 € VAT included
10,61 € Without VAT

Scalpel for cake design

Scalpel for cake design, made of stainless steel. Suitable for the precision cutting of the sugar paste. Interchangeable blade.

9,41 € VAT included
7,71 € Without VAT

Sugar paste wheel cutter

Set of three interchangeable wheels cutter for sugar paste. Tool made of ABS.

4,50 € VAT included
3,69 € Without VAT


Plastic smoother to polish and make uniform the sugar paste.

4,84 € VAT included
3,97 € Without VAT

Plastic modelling set

Set of 8 tools to decorate the sugar paste.

8,50 € VAT included
6,97 € Without VAT