Bread paddles and peels


Bread paddles and peels

Peels for taking out bread made of cast aluminum, aluminum and wood, galvanized iron and wood. All models available in various sizes.

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Wooden paddle for bread

Wooden bread peel. Available in various sizes.

24,40 €   30,50 € VAT included
20,00 €   25,00 € Without VAT

Metal bread peel

Metal paddle to bake and take out from the oven bread. Made of zinc-coated iron. Size cm 57x56.

75,91 € VAT included
62,22 € Without VAT

Paddle to take out from oven baking trays

Aluminuim and wooden peel to take out from oven baking trays. Dimensions cm 24x51

61,00 € VAT included
50,00 € Without VAT

Aluminium bread peel

Aluminium baking peel. Light and durable. Available in two sizes: cm 36x51 and 56x51.

64,53 € VAT included
52,89 € Without VAT