Bakery equipment

In this session you will find everything you need for processing, storage and baking leavened products. Graduated jugs, baskets for the transport of full, perforated, insertable and stackable bread, of different sizes and materials. 

Aluminum or LS (aluminum sheet) baking trays of all sizes and characteristics available on the market with the possibility of ordering also custom-made pieces. Shovels and oven gloves, leavening bins, scrapers, spatulas, knives, non-stick baking sheets, bobbin or teflon-coated paper. All at the best price.

Equipment for pizzeria

This category includes any tool that is indispensable in pizzerias, both take-away and not. All pizza blades of the best Italian producers such as Lilly, Zio Pepe and Gi.Metal, both for baking and for cooking. Cassettes for the storage of pasta in different heights and sizes, tools for cooking in a wood oven like cast-iron airbeds, brushes and tirabraci. Spatulas and scrapers, spacers, gastronorm containers in steel or polypropylene, trolleys and in general all the small parts necessary for a pizza maker in his pizzeria.

Equipment for pastry shop

All products used for the preparation and display of confectionery products. Molds and cake tins in aluminum, pure aluminum, silicone, steel and non-stick sheet, high quality and at absolutely competitive prices. Trays and under cake, in paper and aluminum. Knives, spatulas and brushes in silicone, rubber or stainless steel. Pela apples and all the necessary tools for making cakes, semifreddi, pastas and biscuits.

Electrical catering equipment

Part dedicated to all the electric machines a professional needs in his laboratory to work, cook and refine the raw material. From spiral mixers from 5 kg up to 20 kg, vegetable cutters, cutters, blixers, immersion mixers, electric ovens, fryers, scales, machines for fresh pasta, etc.

Resistant and guaranteed machines, tested by our customers over the years and proven reliability. All at the best price.

Cake Design

Part of the site dedicated to cake decoration. Styrofoam bases of all shapes, tools for decoration, sugar paste in a wide range of colors, tools for making beautiful flowers and expulsion molds of all kinds. Materials suitable for professionals and amateurs, of great quality and at the best price.